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When a person is getting an inspection for the purchase or sell of a home or just a routine checkup, they should request a “Full Inspection”. This way no major issue will get overlooked or missed.

To inspect an entire structure for termites, as recommended by the Structural Pest Control Board, there are several steps and guidelines that should be followed. An entire structure inspection is referred to as a “Complete Inspection” or a “Full Inspection”.


First an inspection should start with the licensed inspector getting information about any evidence or previous treatments, or inspections, which the owner may have recently had.

Second the inspector might inspect the exterior by looking for evidence of termites at the ground, subarea vents, siding, trim, door frames, and the roof eaves. An inspector will typically use a “probe” to sound test the wood members at the roof eaves that are reachable and at most of the accessible wood members at the exterior.

Third the inspector might inspect the interior to look for signs of termites or signs of damage caused by Fungus or Water. A typical inspection would include, water testing the water fixtures, such as the sinks, commodes, and the stall showers.

Next an inspector would want to evaluate the attic framing that is accessible and then traverse the subarea, (Crawlspace). The Subarea can typically be an area of high levels of termites due to the ability for wood to get wet from active leaks and the fact that there is minimal sun light at this area.

Last an inspector should typically be able to go over their recommendations and provide estimates for remediation.

The alternative to a Full Inspection is a limited inspection. Limited inspections are typically only to the area that Termites may had been observed by the occupant. Limited inspections are typically “Free Inspections”.

Most Companies charge for Full Inspections due to the level of training and experience it takes and the length of time it takes to perform. We prefer to email the report out to you and can typically have the report out within the next 48 hours.

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